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Care for Quilts

All the quilts that I create have to be practical. That doesn't detract from the artistic quality of the pieces.

When I say practical I mean easy to care for, easy to handle, and easy to store when they are not being displayed.

How do I care for quilts.

First of all, all the fabrics that I use are upcycled. They have all been shrunk, if any colors had a tendency to bleed out that has happenend long ago. They have been through the wash, as clothing or sheets, in their previous lives. Being second hand or purchased from charity stores they were not expensive.

I wash my quilts in the washing machine.

They are not coddled and spoilt.

Here is proof that they are washed in the washing machine. I washed a few of them today.

Short 10 minute cycle, cold water and no spinning.

quilt inside a washing machine

I line dry them, not in hot direct sunlight, and give them a good airing.

quits hanging on a stand to dry in the sun

If they are not going to be displayed in the near future they are rolled up and stored in the linen cupboard/closet.

A quilt being rolled up for storage



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