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Carnival Boho Bag

Updated: Mar 10

I was creating with carnival colors last week. A new fabric technique. This time it can used for art but lends itself to practical items as well. Boho pillows for home decor and also for usable items like a large boxy tote bag which is always a practical piece.

This one I will be keeping for myself it is made with remnants in all of my favorite colors.

The really fun thing about this technique and the bag is that it really is a scrap busting technique and is really colorful and textured.

Boho textured scrap fabric in carnival colors

I created 2 large pieces so that I would have enough for the bag

2 pieces of textured scrap fabric

Found a long teal green corduroy belt which would serve perfectly as the 2 straps

teal  green corduroy belt

I have a large selection of upcycled belts and straps

box of upcycled fabric belts and fabric strips

I also found some strips of fabric from a teal green sheet to braid for the button closure

wooden button and 2 braided cotton strips in dark teal green

and the wooden beads are from a beaded car seat that was beginning to come apart.

Plastic bottle of wooden beads

Sewed a comfortable boho boxy tote bag

Boho carnival textured tote bag in carnival colors

boho textured tote bag

I said there would be 5 bag tutorials - this is the third

This is a 24 page PDF Download Tutorial

This tutorial is for a carnival boho boxed lined tote bag, which can be sophisticated, casual or boho.

The visual result depends on the fabrics that you use when constructing the bag.

My boho bag was made using my Carnival Boho Fabric technique which can be found here

The Boho bag Tutorial can be found here at Etsy

or here at the site

A selection of bag tutorials can be found here on Etsy

and here on the site

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