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Carnival Boho Fabric

I spent yesterday creating with beautiful colors. Everything that I used in this project is scrap. Very small offcuts, long thin strips from sheets and some purple threads that I found in my stash.

Turquosie and purple fabric strips on a wooden plank on a table

I wanted to create a rustic, bohemian piece of fabric with lots of texture. And of course I didn't want to spend any money purchasing more supplies. I have pieces of lace and some floral appliques but I didn't want to use anything purchased.

How would I create this if I was unable to access any stores. I looked around my studio and I have a LOT of supplies,

small scraps, stored by color in upcycled plastic bottles.

Small green and blue fabric pieces in a plastic bottle

Waiting to be used

Small turquoise and blue fabric pieces in a plastic bowl

Lots of fabric strips, remnants from creating art quilts

Long thin fabric strips

I looked at woven pieces and rugs. Then I looked at crochet and knitting and searched online for fabric and embroidered trims. And then I came up with a few ideas.

I decided to create my own trims and textured pieces and challenged myself to use only scraps.

Sewing machine, sewing textured blue and turquoise fabric

I first created textured strips,and then I wove some pieces and sewed some pieces.

The end result

Carnival boho fabric piece in ocean colors

A tactile and colorful piece.

The fabrics can be used to create bags, embellished clothing and home decor pieces.

I have created a detailed tutorial which is available here

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