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Creating Art with Remnants Part 2

Updated: Feb 28

Wave Landscape Patchwork Technique

When sorting my fabrics I sort according to color first and then size the piles according to longer wider strips, rectangles, squares, odd shaped pieces, circles and last of all the very narrow strips.

Fabric remnants

Strips can be slightly wider, slightly shorter, solids and patterned.

I upcycle fabrics from sheets, childrens clothing and men's button down shirts. There are many solid colored fabrics and the patterns that I end up with are many florals, stripes and plaids.

Another source that I have is the remnants from the tie dyes that I recreate which I purchase from Carol Kinney at https://www.facebook.com/HighHopesDyes. I always order larger clothing as we live on 2 different sides of the world and I cannot try the pieces on prior to purchasing. I have many different sized pieces left over and I end up using the tie dyes in almost all of my art pieces and fabric beads.

Tie dyed strips

Before beginning to create with one of my techniques I choose a color family. That invariably goes hand in hand with my mood of the day, I am an artist after all. After that I will then go to the strip box of that color and see what size strips I have.

Colored strips

When working with my wave landscape patchwork technique I can use shorter wider strips or longer elongated strips. I will decide whether to create the art piece vertically or horizontally accordingly.

Hills and Dales can use shorter wider strips.

Hills and Dales

As can a Wavy Seascape.

Wavy Seascape

An ocean view, waterfalls or twilight call for longer thinner strips.


My next decision will be whether to only use solid fabrics or to incorporate patterned pieces. A few or many? I decide according the amount of visual depth I wish to achieve in the art piece.The patterns help to create "texture" even though the stitched pieces lie flat.


I am always astonished and pleased when I see how artists who purchase my tutorial interpret it. Some use it to create seascapes others waterfalls and others have even created forest backgrounds. It has also been used by some to create patchwork pieces for use as clothing and bag embellishments.

See some of the artistic interpretations here


I am looking forward to seeing more creations and interpretations.

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