• Sharon Prigan

Deeper Shades of Grey

There's something about greys that draw me to create with them.

They contain all the colors, like life. Blue grey, green grey, pink grey even brown grey.

Shades of gray
Shades of gray

"The question is better stated as how many different shades of gray (i.e., varying intensities or “brightnesses” along the neutral axis) can be distinguished by typical human vision. The answer to that can’t be given precisely, as it depends on a number of factors including the sensitivity of the individual in question, but it’s going to be somewhere in the range of a few hundred to somewhat over a thousand at best. This assumes, however, that the different intensities are not just linearly spaced, which isn’t the optimum way to encode gray levels."

Bob Myers, Display engineer and technologist


Some of the names of gray/grey shades

Gainsboro, Light gray, Silver, Medium grey, Spanish gray, Gray, Dim gray, Davy's gray, Jet, Middle grays, Xanadu, Platinum, Ash gray, Battleship gray, Gunmetal, Nickel, Charcoal, Stone gray, Cool gray, Cadet gray, Blue-gray, Glaucous, Slate-gray, Gray-green, Marengo, Puce, Rose quartz, Cinereous, Rocket metallic, Taupe


Grey art
Grey art

Synonyms for gray

Drab, dusty, grey, silvery, dove,ash, clouded, dappled, heather, iron, lead, neutral, oyster, pearly, powder, shaded, silvered, slate, stone, ashen, cinereal, dingy, dusky, leaden, livid, mousy, peppery, sere, smoky, somber

A grey landscape
A grey landscape

"Life is not always black and white, its a million shades of grey"


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