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A while back I made a conscious decision not to buy ANY more fabric, buttons or thread at all. That means not even clothing to upcycle. I have sheets and mens shirts for all the quilts I want to make. Batting is flannel sheets which I have loads of. It will take me a lifetime to finish what I have.

I have begun to make a series of wave quilts, trying to get one done every day or two. Randomly picking out packets from my strip stash and working on those.

Yesterday I pulled out some desert colors, tan, russet, pale brown, pale grey and they all work well giving many different shades of sand.

Tan and russet fabric strips
Tan and russet fabric strips

After sewing them together I had to chooose the color thread I wanted to use for the top stitching and I had to be creative. I had envisioned using a light golden colored thread but couldn't find any in my machine stitching threads.

I decided to veer a bit from my norm and use a deeper shaded thread that accentuates the darker colors in this quilt

Russet thread
Russe thread

After stitching I think it came out quite successfully, the top stitching deepened and enrichened the overall "sand" feeling of the quilt

Desert sand dunes
Desert sand dunes

“Once again there was the desert, and that only.”

Stephen King,The Gunslinger

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