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Desert Evening

Ever since having lived near Eilat I have wanted to create a red desert evening scene.

When I went to the scrap pile to create this piece I had something very particular in mind. I chose all the reds, russets, burgundys, plums, tans and browns that I could find. Some were patterned, some tie dyed and most were solids.

Fabric strips
Fabric strips

Next step was to go to my drawer of fabric threads and choose the shades.

Russet and plums
Russet and Plums

it all came together once I began to create textures.

Creating textures
Creating textures

Then chose the top stitching colored thread.

Top stitching
Top stitching

And here it is.

“And when the sun goes down we dance, and more.

Till daybreak.

When the sun comes up.

We dance again. . .”

G. Bella

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