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Fluffy Quilts

The children call them fluffy quilts. They name them very aptly.

Taught a rag quilt class this week. I always create a sample while showing the students how it should be done. I worked on my quilts. I have 2 more for the guest room.

The rag quilt
The rag quilt

taught them how to snip the seams and then we had to clean and sweep up all the threads. The quilt will have to be washed and dried a few times before the seams become fluffy.

Snipped seams
Snipped edges

They are reversible. Same color and pattern on both sides.

A reversible rag quilt being sewn on the sewing machine
A reversible rag quilt

My 2 quilts are large for a single bed 160 x 240 cm which is 63 x 95 inches approx. A nice size to cuddle under

Smooth seams on the quilt
Smooth side

The snipped raggy side of the quilt

Ragged edge side of the quilt
Ragged side

I am also working on a tutorial for how to teach children to make rag and patchwork quilts. It should be ready this week. Lots of useful tips regarding how to plan a class, where to get materials and how to prepare them and pointers for helping children achieve good results.

Chidren choosing fabric squares for their rag quilts
Choosing fabrics

Helping each other to snip the seams

Snipping the seams after sewing
Snipping the seams

Showing their blankets off

rag quilts
rag quilts

Some made bed sized quilts

Bed sized quilt
Bed sized quilt

and others made lap size quilts.

Lap sized quilt
Lap sized quilt

The fun thing about making rag quilts is that it is easy to make them smaller or larger.

Some of the students start out with lap quilts and enlarge them as the years go by.

I have students who began studying with me when they were children and they are now mothers who bring their children to study with me and to create rag quilts as well. They tell me that they are still using their first rag quilt but have mended sections and added on to the size every few years.

A very versatile type of blanket.

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