• Sharon Prigan

From Crumbs to Art

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I have always enjoyed playing with colors and shapes and with my love for textiles it was a natural metamorphosis to use fabric to "paint".

Color mix

Working with colors for me is instinctual. I create families of colors and take out those that don't feel right or jar the harmony.

Sometimes, depending on my mood I create intricate pieces using the same color mixes.

and at other times want a meandering flow of color.

The color family is the same, the look and feel of these pieces are completely different.

The first is planned and the second is random yet still structured by use of pieces from the same color family.

Using a pixel - crumb technique I am able to create very large abstract fabric pieces which can be used for many products. Wall art, quilted throws. curtains, pillows and even as fabric for creating bags and clothing.

Quilted pouch

With this technique scraps and remnants take on a new life becoming a piece of fabric.

Pastel patchwork fabric

Evolving into abstract pixelated wall art.

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