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Landscape of our home

Today was the first zoom lesson with my students. We had some zoom lessons during the lockdowns when they very patiently taught me how to use zoom.

I gave them a few ideas for a class and asked them to choose what they wanted to do. The last time we had lessons we worked on landscapes and that is what they chose to do. Some of them, not all of them have sewing machines at home so we did a half hour rerun of my previous lessons, which were machine and hand sewing techniques for creating landscapes.

All of them decided to do their interpretation of an Israeli landcsape and seeing as I am in the middle of creating one I was happy with their choice.

We spent another hour where each one outlined her idea and the group gave their input. We also spoke about colors and threads.

We will meet again on Sunday and they will come to the class with a colored sketch of their landscape and their fabric and thread color choices.

I had begun working on my landscape yesterday. When I complete a project I always keep the remnants in a color coordinated bag or box, depending on how many I have. This time I had an interesting selection.

fabric strisp and remnants on a table with a pair of scissors in turquoise, purples and greens

I arranged the fabric layout going from beach to sea to twilight sky. My view of Israel

Fabric strips in a landscape layout from beach up to twilight sky

I had already aranged the color placement but still needed to choose threads. so I asked them to help me.

These were the threads we chose from my collection of upcycled threads. There were lots of beautiful colors but, they reminded me, only polyester threads for the sewing machine, The cotton threads break.

Spools of polyester sewing threads

I think we did a good job together

Fabri strips arranged in a landscape pattern and spools of threads

those are my strips of fabric and threads waiting to be sewn. On Sunday I will see theirs.

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