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Making a Poncho

We had a few days of sun and then the temperature plummeted and on came pouring rain. So cold that I wanted to sit wrapped in a blanket. I would have been very warm but I would not have been able to work like that.

A person wrapped in a patchwork blanket
Wrapped in a blanket

So I thought a bit, how does one wear a blanket and still be able to move around, be warm and work at the same time? I try not to turn the heating on, it dries the air and cost of heating is soaring as well.

Its called a poncho. So I started resarching ponchos. Believe it or not I don't even own one. I found all kinds of ponchos on the internet, made from all sorts of fabrics and in all sizes.

Of course I wasn't going to purchase any fabrics for a poncho.

I thought about the kind of poncho that I would like to make bearing in mind the fabrics I have on hand, t shirts, some corduroy and flannels.

T shirts to use to make a poncho
T shirts for a poncho

I decided on 4 different styles, one heavier blanket like poncho for the really cold days, and 3 made from t shirts that I have and of course they have to color coordinate with my wardrobe.

Sewing patchwork on a machine
Patchwork in progress

And then I thought why not write a tutorial as well. Because as usual when I am researching something I delve deep down and see so many options.

A picture of a tshirt patchwork poncho
T shirt Patchwork Poncho

There will be 4 different poncho techniques in the tutorial from elegant to rustic and all are easy to make. I have made all 4 which I plan on wearing, taken lots of photos so all that is left is to sit down and write.

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