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Marine Time

He always comes to class with a set idea of what he wants to create, even down to the colors that he wants to use.

I know my students, so I always make sure that I have what I call a rainbow pile in the scrap box, which has in it something for everyone.

Ocean Colored Fabric Strips
Fabric strips

He likes the texture and design of the wave landscape patchwork technique and his mother likes practical arty gifts so he decided to make a zippered pouch for her.

He sewed a small piece and then quilted it.

Quilted Wave Landscape Patchwork Piece
Quilted Wave Landscape Patchwork Piece

Found a blue zipper in my box of upcycled zippers

Box of zippers
Box of zippers

Prepared the pieces

2 patchwork pieces and a blue zipper for a pouch
Pouch pieces and zipper

He had found coordinating threads as well

Ocean colored sewing threads
Ocean colored sewing threads

Attached the zipper

A finished zippered pouch with spools of threads
Finished pouch

And was very happy with the end result

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