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There are many forms of meditation. The ones that I find therapautic are when I create. Doing repetetive relaxing motions.

First of all choosing beads or buttons. Tactile sensations. Round objects, smooth textures.

and the colors this time are soothing. Ocean, sand and sea shades.

All sorts of beads, plastic, glass, wood and even some crystals. The colors were what I wanted.

tan turqoise blue and green beads pouring out of a plastic bottle on a table

The thread I chose was a neutral.

spool of tan cotton thread

The choosing and the sorting of the beads and then creating. Soothing and relaxing.

ocean colored beads as a crocheted necklace

I had a very small piece of velvet fabric that seemed to be waiting for something and here it is - a small zippered pouch to store the necklace.

ocean colored beads as a crocheted necklace inside a tan velvet zippered bag.

turquoise ocean colored beaded crocheted necklace being worn

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