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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

As I said before, I am on a roll. All those ideas and techniques that I have in my head are being created and then put down on paper or rather on the computer screen.

I am working on a number of boho bag tutorials at the same time so my table is covered in colors.

fabrics, threads and fabric strips on a table

Whenever I create I have a particular picture and color in mind first, and then I have to go and look for the fabrics in my upcycled collection. I don't always find exactly what I see so then I have to become creative.

I found these for one of the bags

orange, plum and rust colored fabric pieces

And found a packet of fringe remnants that I had kept from a while back. There is a reason that I keep all of the pieces.

fabric fringes and spools of rust colored threads

There must be, because one of the bags that I am seeing has rustic colored fringes.

rustic fabric fringes

Most of my tutorials have a number of different products and techniques.Each of these bags will be a stand alone tutorial and will therefore cost less than the other tutorials.

I have finished sewing the first one, taken lots of photos of all the steps and am now writing. It should be in the store soon so you are invited to follow.

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