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I had a second zoom class with my students today.

They of course are on social media. They were the ones who taught me how to use whatsapp and tik tok. They see and read everything and they are sad and angry as well.

They of course are unable to fathom the level of violence and hate that was inflicted on so many children and young people.

I didn't have answers for them, I cannnot fathom it either.

A few of them had sewed at home, the others didn't have the heart for anything. So what I decided to do was have each one who created something share it with us and explain the design and color choices.

On describing her piece she said it is a home on fire. She didn't have any red and black fabric at home which is what she originally wanted to use, but found some background orange and a darker orange for the burning sun

astract fabric house on orange fabric background with an orange fabric sun  on the fabric house

The second student said that she wanted to create burning lands and sun.

red fabric sun on blue strip of sea and pink and red land and sky

and the third student, who is older, is creating an abstract piece which she is calling "torn clothing"

abstract art piece which the student is caling "torn clothing"

They are all in shock. They are finding the creativity helpful. Most of the lesson was spent talking about good and evil in the world and why the children?

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1 Comment

Oct 23, 2023

What a kindness you are doing during these impossible times.

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