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More Progress

Well I finally finished sewing the top of my wave landscape piece at 2 am. I hadn't prepared enough fabric for it.

A wave landscape patchwork art quilt piece in all of Israel's IDF uniform colors

I normally plan and organize better than that, but these are not normal times. I, also found my mind wandering while I was sewing and I ended up creating larger seam allowances than I normally do which could explain why I needed to add 2 more rows of fabric strips to the project.

I think that I used most of the uniform colors in this wave landscape patchwork piece.

This chart is from Wikipedia

A chart of IDF uniform colors found on Wikipedia

I did say that I would not go to sleep until the top was done. I do that quite often. I must see the finished piece before calling the day a day. I think that happens to artists a lot, or am I the only one?

This morning I had to choose threads for the quilting. So first I backed the piece with one layer of fabric, I don't want a lot of loft in my quilting. Then I pinned all the layers together and then looked for threads.

2 spools of thread beige grey and olive green laid out on a wave patchwork piece

I always have to be flexible. I have a large supply of threads but very rarely do I have the exact color that I envision.

The color of the quilting thread makes a difference to the look of the finished art piece. The mood I want is somber. So bearing that in mind I went to my stash, took out a few spools and experimented.

I laid the threads down on the work going from light to dark and took a good look. Grey is a wonderful neutral but the one I have is too light. The beige gives off a slightly pinkish look which is not what I want at all. the olive green is a bit darker than what I would have wanted but that is the one that I decided to choose.

Threads laid out on wave patchwork piece

Its already night time so I will leave the quilting for tomorrow as I want to see the true colors and for that I need daylight.

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