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Mosaic Patchwork Hoodie Dress

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I have been wanting a 3/4 length zippered hoodie with pockets for a very long time and decided - even though I had made that pact with myself not to buy anymore clothing - to treat myself with one as a birthday gift.

I wanted a tie dyed one and thought to buy a blank and have Carol Kinney make one for me. It is impossible to find the fabric that will take the dye.

So I sat down and thought about how to make one. I won't buy fabric! I looked around my studio and saw the box of tie dyed remnants that I have. I took out all the purples and turquoises.

Next I went to my box of upcycled t shirts and remnants of t shirts and took out all of the purples, pinks and turquoises.

I have a HUGE pile. Enough to make a 3/4 length hoodie as well as adding 2 zippered welt pockets on the sides.

Fabrics for patchwork
Fabrics for patchwork

I think that is the patchwork technique that I will use. I want an overall flow of color.I also want it to be strong and hold up well in washing. The stitching will be raw edged and the pieces wont fray as most of them are t shirt or sweatshirt fabric.

AUtumn mosaic patchwork
Autumn mosaic patchwork

This is the piece that I got inspiration from. Now I need to find the right music to work with and then will dance with the fabrics

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