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Tutorials - All those scraps

Updated: Mar 10

Every time I create a new piece of art work I end up having many scraps of different sizes left over. It took me a while to realise that I could use them creatively instead of just for stuffing dolls and pillows.

I sort my scraps according to sizes and have created tutorials for a number of different size scraps.

My Mosaic technique for larger pieces which can be found here

purple and turquosie fabric scraps with a spool of purple sewing thread

I use the technique to embellish clothing

t shirt tunic dress

And to make "new" fabric from which I create purses, bags and fabric jewelry.

purple and turquoise mosaic quilted fabric art piece

A small eyeglasses case.

purple and turquoise mosaic quilted fabric art piece

It can also be used to create modern art pieces, large or small.

purple quilted patchwork fabric art piece

One Inch Magic Fabric for smaller pieces which can be found here

Literally using more or less one inch sized pieces, which I sorted this time into seasonal colors, these are the summer colors

summer colored fabric scraps

Using coordinating threads from my stash

summer colored fabric scraps and a spool of thread

"New" fabric to be used to create another product or as a modern art piece.

summer colored fabric patchwork art piece

anything goes, purples, reds, a selection of tie dyed pink scraps over here

pink fabric scraps and spool of pink thread

I managed to create one piece with the scraps I had.

pink patchwork art piece

and then there is the ScrapFabric technnique for the tiniest of pieces here

The pieces are really small but the colors are too beautiful to just use as stuffing. They also serve as decorations on the shelf in my studio. My fabric "spices" to color my life.

bottles of fabric scraps

I created 2 pieces of ScrapFabric from autumn colors, one for an art piece

autumn colored scrap fabric art piece

and I used the other to create a pocket amulet here

fabric pocket with stones strewn over it

I use the pockets to store herbal tea mixes which I carry with me.

fabric pocket with packet of star anise for tea

and they can double as coasters for my drink

tea coster made from scrap fabric, glass of tea on a coaster

Ideas are endless. Don't throw your scraps away, follow and come and create with us using our tutorials

The tutorials are available here on Etsy

and here on my site

and the videos classes can be viewed here on my site after purchase

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