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Ocean colored button necklace

I don't remember when was the last time that I purchased a gift for someone.

I create gifts for everyone. My go to gift on the holidays is a zippered pouch in the preferred colors of the recipient, with a surprise inside.

The surprise could be a folded fabric tote bag, a fabric wallet with compartments and a zipper, a set of fabric coasters or even some jewelry.

The jewelry could be made from some of my handmade fabric beads or it could be a button bracelet or necklace.

A very good friend who is fond of all things blue, turquoise and ocean has a birthday coming up so I decided to make her a button necklace with some matchiing earrings.

Today was a button sorting day so I ended up going through the turquoise and blues box.

Blue, green and turquoise buttons.
Blue, green and turqoise buttons

Ocean has blues and greens and turquoise as well as some sandy colors. The trick is to create a mix that is pleasing to the eye.

Ocean colored buttons
Ocean colored buttons

Choosing buttons for the earrings.

Buttons for earrings
Buttons for earrings

I think I will make her 2 pairs, one green and one turquosie.

Button earrings
Button earrings

And her daughter will also get a necklace.

Small button necklace
Small button necklace

To hers I will add some beads as well as buttons.

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