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Purple Friday Favorites

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Friday is bargain shopping day. I set out today with my metal trolley, took a brisk walk downtown and went to the charity store which is situated right next to the fruit and vegetable market. Late Friday afternoon is also bargain time there.

Went to a charity store today, spent 20 shekels, that's less than $6 had some old purple dylon dye and dyed 6 shirts that were originally beige, yellow and a washed out red. Each shirt came out a different purple. Deep purple, pale eggplant, fuschia and a purply plum.

I also added some long cotton cords that I had in a selection of pale colors to the dye batch.

5 of the shirts are going to be used to make 2 tunics and parts of the other shirts are going to be added as sleeves to some purple and plum sleeveless shirts that I have.

One of the longer purply plum shirts is actually a tunic that was originally beige. It is a very fine cotton.

It took the dye very well and fits very nicely but was a bit boring.

I made a few minor changes to give it a special touch.

The buttons didn't take the dye so I changed them. I had enough coordinating pink/fuschia buttons in my stash (of course :).

I inserted one of the cords that I had dyed into the collar and pulled it a bit to ruche the collar.

I also stitched a tunnel in the facings of the front of the shirt and then inserted more of the dyed cords so that I could ruche the front of the shirt as well.

I love the color!

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