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Purple - the color of today

Today's monochromatic outfit. This purple tie dyed jacket was purchased a while back from Carol Kinney at https://www.facebook.com/HighHopesDyes who always works magic with her colors.

I deconstructed the jacket, removed the belt and sleeves, resized to fit me, removed the sleeve cuffs, narrowed and shortened the sleeves and reconstructed the now fitted crop jacket so that I have another versatile layering piece in my wardrobe.

Win win, a color I love and a piece that I wear a lot in many different outfits. Of course all the remnants were kept to be incorporated into other projects :)

Purple of the day

The first thing I did when I deconstructed the jacket was to remove the belt.

Belt removed

I then removed the sleeves, the sleeve cuffs and shortened the sleeves to a 3/4 length which allows me to use this as a layering piece all year round.

I then tapered the sleeves so that they were not bulky making sure that they now fit the new sleeve scythe.

Deconstructed jacket

I resized the jacket. I didn't want to alter the shape so all I did was take it in on the sides and taper slightly towards my waistline.

After resizing

I lined up the sleeve head with the shoulder seam and reattached the now shortened sleeve.

Reattaching sleeves

Stitched up the side and sleeve seams and reattached the belt after shortening it to fit the now smaller jacket.

Reattaching belt

My new crop jacket.

My new crop jacket

Resized jacket

Versatile colorful jacket

I am using the cuffs to create a button, yoyo and bead embellished art cuff.

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