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Red Flowers

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I have that box with packets of remnants. It doesn't matter how many times I have taken strips out to make wave or fragment art pieces the pile doesn't get any smaller. Maybe the remnants need to be refolded or something...

Today I opened the box, purposely didn't look inside and pulled a packet out. Luscious colors today!

Cherries, red, rust, orange, carrot and some dark pink as well, a flower garden.

Luscious fabric strips
Luscious fabric strips

I cut strips and laid them out in a progression from light to dark.

Light to dark
Light to dark

Layered them down on the machine.


And came up with this.

"She slept so calm, near the stream that night.

Awoke at dawn and saw the red flowers.

She knew to follow her heart.

To reach them with the words they understood."

G. Bella

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