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Royal Blue Upcycled T Shirt Top

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

When sorting out my piles of t shirts I found this beautiful blue large man's t shirt. I love this color and wanted to do an upcycle with a minimum amount of work.

Something that was figure flattering and could also be worn over another shirt in the in between seasons, Spring and Autumn.

I placed a t shirt of mine down on it for size. I decided to leave the sleeve length as it was and also the width.

Folded the t shirt in half because when I cut it I want the same angle on both sides.

I cut it a little shorter than my t shirt.

The bottom part has to be made narrower than the top part.

The bottom piece that I had cut off I cut and stitched so that it was the same width as my shirt.

The top part of the t shirt is wider than my t shirt and the bottom part is now the same width. I cut the lower part shorter and left a height of 15 cm.

Measuring the waistband
Measuring the wasitband

The bottom part is folded up right side to right side, divided into quarters and pinned on each section. The top part of the shirt is wider and the bottom part will need to be stretched when stitching to the top wider part.

If the top part would have been much wider I would have broken the belt part down into eight sections thereby leaving smaller areas to be stretched when sewing together, which makes the stetching more manageable.

Pinning the waistband
Pinning the waistband

I used a serger and stetched the bottom part of the shirt while sewing.

Stitching on teh serger
Stitching on the serger

There, very easy and now I have a beautiful royal blue t shirt top.

Paired with my blue button necklace.

T shirt upcycling is endless. Just experiment. If you don't like your result, make a bolero or a scarf, you also have the option of making t shirt yarn and creating t shirt jewelry.

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