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Rust fabrics today

I pack and store according to season and within the seasons according to colors. I did work in an office for many years so you could call it a sort of a filing system.

Rust fabric group
Rust fabric group

I am working on the Autumn boxes now and I have subdivisions of colors.

When the mood takes me I group fabrics together with notions. Cottons, fabric lace, strips of lace, zippers, cuffs, buttons, fabric yoyos and coordinating threads.

It is time consuming to build color portfolios. Building the color mix is therapuetical but takes a lot of time so once I have done that I group them together in plastic bags in color sections in the seasonal boxes.

Rust today

A collection of rust and orange for a handstitched appliqued cuff bracelet so that I can work on the go.

There are pieces for fabric jewelry and some for interesting textured landscape patchwork.

This is a good start for a new project.

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