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Strip Quilted Patchwork

I have been working on a number of things this week. I am designing a series of wave landscape techniques and when sorting the fabrics I find surprises for other projects at the same time.

This is what my table looks like in the early stages of planning a new wave art quilt for a tutorial. I am still debating which way to take it, I am working on a few ideas. It might end up becoming more than one art piece and tutorial.

sewing studio with fabric scraps paid out on the table

When creating patchwork pieces I source fabric from my scraps pile.

pile of pastel fabric scraps

This week I was choosing fabrics for a number of different techniques and saw many shortish thin strips in the pile. I sorted them into color families and saw that I had enough strips to create a scrap patchwork quilt.

I created a technique where no ironing is necessary and it is a very good scrap buster.

sewing machine and strip patchwork piece before quilting it

I got the idea for this piece of patchwork fabric after seeing a small woven rug created using odd pieces of yarn, they looked like small narrow fabric strips.

The first thing that came to mind was my extensive collection of fabric scraps. I never throw any of them away, I have made a pact not to purchase any more fabric. Rather to try and be creative with what I have. I have come up with many different techniques for different sizes of fabric scraps and I keep challenging myself to come up with more.

This time I have created a technique for using thin fabric strips and again this time no ironing is necessary and hardly any pins are used.

strip qulted patchwork piece

The resulting fabric can be used as an abstract art piece or to create clothing, bags or pouches and also for home décor items. such as table runners and pillows.

Ocean colored strip quilted patchwork

It is a fun technique and comes together quite quickly. The end result is always pleasing to the eye. I plan to create more fabric using different colors. that way I will have a quilted fabric supply at the ready for future projects.

Strip Quilted Patchwork Fabric - Patchwork Technique - The perfect scrap buster.

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