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Shirt Jacket

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I have been working on a number of tutorials recently. Some more art quilt tutorials as well as some upcycled clothing ones.

I will be writing 3 tutorials based on upcycling men's button down shirts and the first one will be a shirt jacket.

Why a shirt jacket? It is a lightweight layering piece which can be worn all year round. It can be worn as a shirt as is, or over a tank top in summer, over a t shirt or even over another button down shirt in spring and autumn and as an additional color layer in winter.

It can also serve as a more casual jacket for a business meeting or semi formal wear.

Why use a man's button down shirt? All of the elements are already there, the buttons, cuffs and collars and the shirt can be sized to fit you perfectly. I wear petite and find that the shoulders in ready to wear are too narrow for me, while the waist is my size, I also prefer a 3/4 sleeve and enjoy the fact that I can keep the shirt cuffs no matter what length sleeve I choose to make, so upcycling a man's shirt gives me the perfect fit.

I worked on a prototype today and am very happy with the result. The tutorial will be ready soon.

Green short shirt jacket

Back view

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