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Updated: Feb 22

I have many wave landscape patchwork pieces. Some are for the exhibition which I will be having with my students and many are samples for classes. Most of them I gift but sometimes I use the quilted patchwork fabric to create other products.

I had that large 4 season piece which I had not yet quilted and backed and I decided to make 2 zippered pouches out of it.

Zippered pouches are things that one can never have too many of. I find hundreds of uses for them. They are a gift in themselves but perfect to be used as a gift wrap as well.

patchwork piece of the 4 seasons
4 season patchwork piece

I cut the large piece into 2 large rectangles. Backed them with some flannel sheeting and quilted them.

I used some scraps to create tassels for zipper pulls.

Fabric scraps to make tassels
Fabric scraps for tassels

They add a boho touch to the pouches.

Tassels as zipper pulls
Tassels as zipper pulls

The original patchwork piece was a flow of the 4 seasons so each side of the pouches had different shades of fabric.


Spring colors
Spring colors


Autumn colors
Autumn colors


Winter colors
Winter colors


Summer colors
Summer colors

My wave landscape patchwork techniques and videos are available to purchase here

The tutorials are available here on Etsy

and here on my site

and the videos classes can be viewed here on my site after purchase

A very detailed zippered 59 page pouch tutorial can be purchased here on Etsy

and here on the site

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