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Sorting in the studio

Today is a studio organizing day. I sort and organize on a regular basis but sometimes when I am creating I have less time and then stuff to be sorted waits in a pile. Today is the day to deal with that.

First I sort the pile into separate piles of colors. My studio is organized by subject, then by color then by size. Today I am going to work on the grey pile.

There are a million shades of grey. I think all colors fit all the seasons depending on the shades. When working with greys I look at all the colors and if they have a layer of black or grey over them they go into the grey pile. They could be blue or brown or even pink but if they have that flat grey layer then they are grey.

I have remnants from men's button down shirts and t shirts which need to be cut into strips for artquilts and circles for yoyo flowers.

The strips I cut are from the poly cotton or cotton non stretch fabrics as I am going to use them to make waves and fragments and I don't want them to stretch out of shape while I am sewing.

The circles can be from any of the lightweight fabrics, cotton, poly cotton and also from the t shirt remnants.

The circles I cut in a variety of sizes for interest.

Fabric circles for yoyos

They go into their box and can later be sewn into yoyos which will be ready for a project. I like having elements for a project ready when I am in a creative mood so I make yoyos whenever I have a free moment.

Grey yoyos

I enjoy laying the pieces down and making color arrangements.


The buttons that I remove from the men's shirts are stored like this according to color families.

Button storage containers

Grey sorted buttons

I sub sort in the color when I am working on a project and store the pieces in reused plastic peanut buttter bottles. I eat a lot of peanut butter :)

Projects in bottles

Buttons and beads sorted with cotton thread waiting to be crocheted into a button necklace.

Button necklace supplies

Yoyos, buttons and beads maybe for a digital picture or wall art or a fabric bracelet.

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