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Strip Collage Sunset

My scrap fabric boxes always surprise me and so do my collections of threads. No ironing and a really fun and relaxed sewing piece. Another Strip Collage Patchwork Piece. Twilight Sunset colors and threads to match

Choosing the shades of fabrics is a large part of the art when creating the piece. I find the sorting and choosing very therapautic.

Laying my chosen colors out to see how many strips I have of each color and then I decide on the layout of the piece.

I had enough of a selection to create an interesting piece and the threads match.

fabric sunset patchwork pieces laid out on a table with spools of threads

I love all of the colors in this piece

Sewing a strip collage patchwork piece on a sewing machine purples and rose colors

Rose, purple and orange spools of threads

strip collage patchwork piece in rose purple and orange

A rose strip collage patchwork sunset

A rose purple and orange strip collage patchwork art piece

This is a 38 page PDF Download Tutorial – it can be purchased here

on Etsy

and here on the site

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Feb 24

I'm glad I met you on FB Scrappy Happy Quilters. Beautiful craftwork!

Replying to

Thank you ❤️

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