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T shirt Tunic

Updated: Jan 10

I love Carol Kinney's tie dyes, and as I have said before the only down side is that because we live so far apart I don't have the chance to try any of the shirts on before they get here.

My solution is to get the largest size possible which allows me many recreating techniques.

I look at the colors before recreating. My wardrobe is color coordinated so I decide which pieces of clothing I will wear this with. This will be part of my camo, khaki/olive set. I have enough short t shirts there so I decided to make a tunic this time.

Very large t shirt

This is a very simple upcycle. It will not be a very fitted tunic so I don't have to use a stretch stitch, which is what I normally do with stretch fabrics. I turn the t shirt inside out and fold it so that the center front is on the fold.

Fold the t shirt in half

I have another tunic which I made from another large t shirt so I use this as my base pattern. Otherwise I would have folded a comfortable t shirt in half and used that as my pattern.

My tunic as a pattern

I lay the tunic down on the t shirt.

Lay the tunic on the t shirt

And cut free hand near it. This time I want the sleeve to be slightly looser so I make the underarm cut a little larger.

Cut the side seam

I run 2 straight stitching lines across it and that's it. If the fabric would have been of a looser weave I would have either zig zagged on a domestic sewing machine or done one line of straight stitching and then used my serger on the edges.

2 straight stitching lines

My new long camo t shirt tunic. I will wear it all year round. In winter, layered over t shirts with a matching infinity scarf and under a jacket when going out. In autumn and spring with lighter pants, with or without a t shirt and in summer over 3/4 length tights with sandles.

Camo t shirt tunic

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