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The many shades of winter

I have been sewing many art quilts in the last month and as a result have been left with a huge pile of fabric remnants.

I spent today sorting them according to seasons and sizes for working on future projects.

Winter was the last one that I worked on and as I sorted I noticed how many different shades there are of winter. I decided to do a sub sort of the really tiny pieces which I use to create ScrapFabric and fabric beads.

This is an overview of some of the pieces that I sorted in winter shades- there are more and I will continue to sort during the week.

What makes me decide to put a piece of fabric in the winter pile, you might ask. Well other than for it being an instinctual feeling there are a few rules that one could use.

Does the piece evoke a grey feeling? Does it evoke a cold feeling? Does it feel flat? It doesn't have to be dark. As you can see from the above picture some of the winter pieces are bright, even white. Others are dark, even black.

I think that every season is comprised of all the colors of the rainbow but in different depths of shading and light.

The palest winter. Whites, different shades of pale greys. Snows on mountain peaks.

Winter snow
Winter snow

Still soft and pale,lilacs, pale pinks, soft greys and even pale beige.

Soft winter
Soft winter

Blues and deeper greys - a skyline on a cool winter day.

Pale winter sky
Pale winter sky

Tan, greys and beige - the winter ground

Winter ground
Winter groumd

Pale plum, pale green, beige, grey and tan - leaves and flowers.

Winter foliage
Winter foliage

Blues, a bit of black, tans and greys - a deeper, darker winter sky

Deep blue winter sky
Deep blue winter sky

Blacks and greys - a stormy winter sky

Black winter fabrics
Black winter

These are just a few of the winter shades, more to come.

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