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Tie Dyed Fabrics

I spent the last 2 weeks sorting fabrics to create art pieces for tutorials that I am working on. I have a selection of tie dyes but needed some more and as I don't purchase fabric I decided to shop in my closet.

I have a number of tie dyed shirts which I don't wear that often and they will serve me better as fabrics so I took them out of the closet/cupboard and chose a few to keep and set about deconstructing the rest.

I need greens and blues. I am working on a number of new tutorials and one of them is Salmon Swimming Upstream hence the water colors.

This shirt is beautiful but it serves no purpose sitting in the closet and can be water and waves so it will be deconstructed.

green and blue tie dyed button up shirt

This one is larger so there will be more fabric to use here

purple and blue tie dyed button up shirt

3 shirts taken apart

3 rolls of deconstructed tie dyed shirts now fabric

Every little piece is used, even the hems and side seams

hens of tie dyed shirts to be unpicked

Now that I have the tie dyed fabrics , I need to collect the other colors for my sample piece for the tutorial and begin to work.

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