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Tunic from Fun to Fancy

Updated: Jun 10

I finally finished writing the tutorial for the technique. All you need are sheets, or cotton and polycotton fabric scraps to create an entire wardrobe of tunics. Which can be casual or elegant. Here are a few samples that I have created and enjoy wearing.

The first is a patchwork one

autumn colored patchwork fabrics

Upcycled patchwork fabric becomes a warm tunic with huge pockets

cowl collar on patchwork tunic

perso wearing autumn colored patchwork tunic

autumn colored patchwork tunic

The second is an ice dye cowl neck tunic with set in pockets

turquoise tie dyed tunic

made from a tie dyed sheet

turquoise tie dyed sheet

as well as a simpler version with large pockets

turquoise tie dyed tunic with cowl neck and pockets

And another selection from colored sheets

3 tuics hanging up made from sheets in pinks and purples

This is the tunic from fun to fancy - a clear fun tutorial with a number of different options for sleeves, necklines and hemlines to create different looks.

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