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Turquoise today

Today's monochromatic outfit. That tie dyed tapestry that my sister bought for me from Carol Kinney has a new life - tunic and pants outfit

Monochromatic turquoise outfit
Monochromatic turquoise outfit

Carol Kinney from held a charity raffle last year and the prize was this beautiful tapestry. My sister bid and won it and then gifted it to me.

It was beautiful but as I didn't have anywhere to hang it I saw "Fabric" and decided to make myself a tunic and pants outfit.

Tie dyed tapestry
Tie dyed tapestry

I had always wanted a statement cowl neck tunic and this fabric created the perfect opportunity to make one.

Cowl neck tunic
Cowl neck tunic

There was also enough fabric so that I could create my signature high waisted pants with many pockets.

High waisted pants
High waisted patns

And of course many remnants for creating art - in progress.

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