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Twilights are the time intervals happening between night and day, before sunrise and after sunset. The sun is below the horizon, but its light is visible because it illuminates the upper layers of the atmosphere.

In more mathematical terms, we say that we are in twilight phase when the center of the sun is between -18° (18 degrees below the horizon) and 0° of elevation.

Twilight tie dye remnants
Twilight tie dye remnants

I love Carol Kinney's - tie dyes, the quality and especially the colors. We live in different countries and when purchasing her products I do not have the option of trying on and returning so I invariably purchase a larger size so that it is easier for me to refashion, which means that I have remnants of beautiful tie dye pieces left over.

I use the smalles pieces to create fabric beads and slightly larger pieces are used in my art quilts.

Today I created a mosaic art quilt in all of my colors.

Remnants with coordinating thread
Remnants with coordinating thread

"Twilight can be defined as that magical time of day between daylight and darkness where all possibilities exist. It is a portal to another kingdom where spells are cast and wishes granted for those who believe in magic."

G. Bella

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