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Vintage sewing machines

Updated: Jan 10

One of the things we do for students is check out their sewing machines.

Many of them have machines that have skipped a generation and been handed down to grandchildren. Parents want to provide the children with a working machine and especially enjoy using the ones that their parents used.

There is a large amount of sentimental value attached to grandmother's or grandfather's sewing machine. I should know, I have one.

This Necchi machine which was made in Italy is a workhorse. It came with a booklet in English, which was wonderful, as many times they come without booklets or in a language where I have to use google translate to be able to decipher anything.

Necchi sewing machine booklet

The instructions are super clear so very easy to understand.

Bobbin winding instructions

It also has a number of feet and 1 or 2 additional accessories.

Sewing machine feet

A beautiful, sturdy and heavy machine. I love the old heavy ones, they don't dance around on the table when one sews and have a strong, steady even stitch.

I flipped it up to clean and oil all the moving parts. Wonderful, all the parts are metal.


It is in tip top shape. She should be very grateful to her grandmother for taking good care of this treasure so that she is able to enjoy it.

Workhorse with metal parts

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