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Wave - Circle of Eternity

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

I have been working on more wave technique tutorials. I have 2 ready and there are 2 more in my arsenal. The next will be called The Wave Circle of Eternity.

My first version will be all oranges. I was sorting fabrics this morning and the sun was shining outside and birds were chirping, quite loudly in fact. I found some orange summer fabrics

I started taking out fabrics, laid them on the table and realised there are many shades of oranges. I walked around the house, inside and out and looked for oranges. I saw many different shades today and its not a color that I am usually drawn to.

The back of my apron is orange

orange fabric apron

Oranges and Clementines

oranges and clementines

The peels get darker

orange peels

WIthout noticing I even have orange curtains in the kitchen

orange curtains

Different shades

Orange embroidery threads

Also many shades of embroidery floss

Orange embroidery threads

And sewing threads

Spools of orange sewing threads

And of course buttons

orange plastic buttons

And outside in the garden golden oranges in the sun

oranges on a tree

So after seeing all of these different shades I went back to my fabric piles and found this selection fo my sample piece

Orange colored fabric pieces and threads

I am curious to see what a monochromatic wave piece will look like.

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