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I have been playing around with this idea for a while. To create wearables using my landscape patchwork techniques.

My process takes a while. I think about it, experiment in my head, look at fabrics and then begin to play.

I am sorting piles of scraps and fabrics again, and this morning found some narrow summer strip pieces

Summer fabric strip patchwork pieces
Summer fabric strip pieces

and a used black mens button down shirt that I had deconstructed last month and it was waiting to be used in a project.

Black fabrics strips
Black fabric strips

I cut the black fabric into strips

fabric strips to be sewn into a patchwork panel
Ready for construction

Experimented with color placement and sat down to sew

Experimenting with color layout of the fabric strips

This is the piece that I created this morning

It could be a wave landscape art piece

A frame on the patchwork piece
Framed as art

But I have other plans for it. A front panel for a vest or a jacket. It falls nicely

A front side panel for a fabric vest
Front side panel

And is perfect on the back.

A back panel for a fabric vest
A back panel

Now that I see that the weight of the fabric on a flannel base is not too heavy its time to do some more experimenting, I envision a vest, jacket and coat.

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Jordana Simon
07 oct 2022


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