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Where there are flowers there is hope

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Since October 7th I have been surrounded with many shades of olive green in my studio. I began creating quilted pieces in combat colors as my way to work in these horrendous times.

I have created dramatic pieces and angry pieces and sad pieces. The anger and absolute horror does not leave me.

During the weeks I have been working with children. Creating something constructive and learning new positive techniques is a wonderful way for them to manage their fears and sorrow, at least for a few hours. It also gives me a purpose in these times.

They learnt to sew by hand and create art and accessories from fabric scraps that they all have at home. I brought my buttons and beads for them to use.

I had said that I would continue creating in camo combat colors until either the fabrics or my ideas ran out. Well neither is happening. Fabric scraps, as all creators know multiply while one sleeps. I don't sleep a lot but they are still multiplying.

I am dreaming my ideas. Every morning I wake up with more ideas. A cityscape, a field of anemones, a soldier in action.

My studio at this moment in time is all the shades of olive drab

Olive drab is variously described as a "dull olive-green colour" (Oxford English Dictionary);[4] "a shade of greenish-brown" (Webster's New World Dictionary);[5] "a dark gray-green" (MacMillan English dictionary); "a grayish olive to dark olive brown or olive gray" (American Heritage Dictionary);[6] or "A dull but fairly strong gray-green color" (Collins English Dictionary). It is widely used as a camouflage color for uniforms and equipment in the armed forces.

Whenever I teach a class I create samples of my own and this week I taught fabric flowers so I created my version of fabric flowers.

Floral fabric arrangement in olive green, brown and tan colors

I am writing a new tutorial for a boho rustic fabric bag and had originally thought of using the flower applique on one of the bag panels

Crumb patchwork quilted panel with floral applique in olive green, tan and brown colors

This is what I had originally envisioned

Pices for a boho bag, braidedstrap bag panel with flowers appliqued and fabric tassels

and then this morning I woke up and saw the floral applique as part of an art piece over a dark olive brown canvas.

I went to my olive fabric boxes and found these 2 pieces which I could stretch over a canvas

Dark olive green and olive brown fabrics

I auditioned them - first a green brown

Floral fabric collage laid down on dark green brown olive background fabric

and a darker green

Floral fabric collage laid down on dark green olive background fabric

The colors are darker in real life. For the time being I am keeping both until I make my final decision.

I found more scraps in the remnants pile to create another crumb piece for the second panel of the bag. I might still applique something onto it.

crumb patchwork quilted piece and fabric scraps on a table

It will most probably come to me in a dream.

To create your own floral arrangement find a detailed tutorial here on Etsy

and here on the site

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