• Sharon Prigan


I have been working in shades of grey all week long and haven't been bored even for one minute. The color range in the families of grey is endless.

Some of the names of gray/grey shades which belong in #ourcolorsoftherainbow

Gainsboro, Light gray, Silver, Medium grey, Spanish gray, Gray, Dim gray, Davy's gray, Jet, Middle grays, Xanadu, Platinum, Ash gray, Battleship gray, Gunmetal, Nickel, Charcoal, Stone gray, Cool gray, Cadet gray, Blue-gray, Glaucous, Slate-gray, Gray-green, Marengo, Puce, Rose quartz, Cinereous, Rocket metallic, Taupe


I began with a larger product - this dystopian art quilt and scaled down according to the remnants that I had.

Dystopian Times

Worked on a fabric necklace adding grey shaded buttons and yoyos

Embellished fabric necklace

A fabric bracelet

Fabric bracelet

And then created mosaic patchwork fabric from the tiniest remnants which then became fabric beads.

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