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A Sunset this Time

As I mention often, I don't sell the items that I create. Most of them are samples for tutorials or classes. And many times I create to gift.

Well I shared the moonlight Strip Collage Patchwork piece that I created recently and my sister saw it :) She said that she also wants one so I said ok I will gift it to you. She wants different colors :) A sunset.

I reminded her that I don't buy fabrics for projects and I am not sure that I have enough pieces left to create another Sunset. Her answer was that she knows that I will succeed. I am the older sister and the one that always provides the solutions.

I went to that box where I keep all the remnants from the sunsets that I have created.

sunset colored fabric strips

and I pulled these pieces out

pile of fabric strips in oranges pinks purples nad tie dyed strips

and began to play

orange pink and purple fabric strips

I added some purples to the mix - its going to be a darker sunset and some white and pale yellow

sunset fabric strip colors being laid out on a table

and then I took the white out

choosing colors from fabric strips

And chose some pinks from a packet of tie dyed strips

laying fabric pieces onto a wooden board

Next I had to find threads in the right color shades, sone of these are cotton so they will be removed from the mix.

pink orange and purple spools of thread

And yes she was right! I found fabrics for a sunset in the colors that she likes.

Patchwork sunset collage in purples pinks and oranges

Now to sew it all together and quilt it

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