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August Afternoon Seaside

I have a project this week. To create 5 bags and 5 tutorials for a new section in my store. I am busy taking all of the techniques and ideas I have in my head, creating items and writing tutorials for them. I have so many, every time I sit down more ideas come, I will always be busy.

But its summer, August, and the beach calls. So I took a break yesterday and drove down to the beach. Almost impossible to find parking, so we ended up going to a more abandoned beach area which actually was perfect. Hardly a soul there, just the sand and the waves and the sound.

beach, seaside, greenery, green plants near the beach

When we got back I had to create. Sometimes I feel that it is a need to create. Whether one is a writer, or a painter or a chef, or a carpenter, there is that zone one gets into and one creates.

I create often, samples for techniques that I teach first of all but sometimes there is a drive just to create something because . . .

I create many pieces. I don't sell my items and don't keep most of what I create. I have found a happy medium. I create art pieces and gift as is, for weddings, house warmings, birthdays or just because. I have also begun to create practical pieces which can be used from the art. Pillows, pouches, bags, curtains and even aprons. I have set one rule for myself. To create smaller pieces.

None of my fabric is new. I have a huge collection of upcycled sheets and shirts so I will be able to create forever.

I took short strips from a packet with plaids and striped remnants which I had originally thought of using for a crumb patchwork piece.

This piece ended up being 30 x 40 cm. A nice enough size to gift as is, or I could use it for a panel on a pillow or a bag or even a jacket or cut it into 2 pieces for a zippered pouch.

August Afternoon Seaside

wave landscape patchwork piece, patchwork art quilt in greens and greys

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1 commentaire

18 août 2023

You are so creative and prolific.

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