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Children Sewing Quilts

Updated: Jan 10

One of the larger projects that the children learn to sew in their annual sewing class is a patchwork quilt.

About 3 months into the sewing year once they have mastered the machine and made a pillow, pouch and bag they take on a project that they will get much use from. They sew a bed sized patchwork quilt.

This is a project where they have many hours of sewing and ironing which they love to do. They learn to line up, sew straight and correctly use pins.

They then back the patchwork front, quilt it and then bind it.

They come to class and find a table overflowing with precut squares from sheets that I have spent the year purchasing from charity stores for their project.

Squares of fabric

They choose squares and I suggest that they make a random colored quilt.

Choosing fabrics

The children have their own ideas of how to work. And this one is very organized. Everything has to be just so :)

Planning color placement

Very specific colors in a very specific pattern.

Laying out colors

Some choose blues and turquoise


Blue quilt

Some choose pinks

Choosing pinks

Sew and iron


Pink quilt top

Modelling her quilt top

Most of the quilting is stitch in the ditch and occasionally some of them master a wavy line. They are allowed to quilt in whatever style they choose to as the purpose of this quilting is twofold, lots of sewing practice and stitching down the patchwork front onto the backing.

Stitch in the ditch

And some choose random

Random quilt top

He chose to quilt stitch in the ditch.

Top stitching

They also learn to bind their quilts

Mitred binding

I can definitely say that once they have finished sewing their patchwork quilts they know how to pin sew and iron.

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