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Combat Colors

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Every single family in Israel has at one time or another had some of these colors at home. They are part of our lives. Our scenery and yes our souls.

It is a given, to be an Israeli one is a soldier, a defender and a protector and a fighter and yes, also an avenger!

fabric strips

Next week's zoom lesson with the children will be focused on combat colors. I asked what subject they wanted to talk about and work on for next week's lesson, and all of them wanted to create something military related.

They are angry and anxious and heartbroken and some of them are in the army and some have brothers and sisters in the army.

We are going to work on practical items in combat colors next week. Key rings and zippered pouches which they are going to give their brothers and sisters.

I decided to create some pieces of my own before the lesson. I too am angry and heartbroken and working on my art is what helps me.

Working with textiles and colors and designs. I never create with background music. The process of creating of itself forms a quiet cocoon of stillness and calm.

Combat colors here are olive greens, tans, and dark blues. These are what I found in my boxes of fabrics.

fabric strips on a table, oloive green, beige, tan blue and teal

I am working on a 100 day series of patchwork quilted miniatures so the pieces that I am creating will be miniature in size.

The first piece is a small wave landscape patchwork quilt.

sewing machine foot on a landscape quilt

The quilting itself has a meditative and tranquilizing quality to it.

sewing with a sewing machine on a landscape quilt

The miniature landscape in the colors of my now.

wave landscape patchwork min quilt in military colors olive green, blue, beige and tan

Wave Landscape Patchwork Techniques and Video Tutorials

The tutorials are available here on Etsy

and here on my site

and the videos classes can be viewed here on my site after purchase

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