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Created Fabric Pouch

I teach how to make new fabrics from scraps. When sewing I end up having a lot of fabric remnants in a variety of sizes. In the past I either used to throw them away or snip them even smaller and use as stuffing for pillows or dolls but lately I have been looking at the scraps with different eyes and seeing the potential of new “fabric” there.

The technique that I focus on here is actually a way to create new fabric “yardage” which can be used as is or can be used as fabric to create other products.

I began by sorting through my color mixes and choosing an Andalusian summer mix. Rose, tangerine, peach and orange along with some tie dyed remnants from a jacket that I had shortened.

The tie dye is from Carol Kinney at https://www.facebook.com/HighHopesDyes.

Andalusian Summer colors
Andalusian Summer colors

I created a new textured fabric piece. My original intention was to create a fabric piece that I could use for creating a zippered pouch.

I really like the end result and I am loathe to cut it. I will end up framing it and using as wall art.

But again I had lots of remnants, the scrap pile just grows and grows.

Created fabric art piece
Created fabric art piece

So using the scraps from this fabric I created 2 more fabric pieces and constructed a zippered pouch with a lining using my technique -


Zippered pouch
Zippered pouch

I found an upcycled zipper in my stash in the exact color that I needed.

Upcycled zipper
Upcycled zipper

It is heavily quilted so it will be a sturdy pouch.

Heavily quilted fabric
Heavily quilted fabric

It is a large pouch, 25 x 30 cm so I will be using it when I go out in the evening, there is enough room for everything that I need to take with me.

Quilted , zippered fabric pouch
Quilted, zippered fabric pouch

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