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Creating New Fabric from Scraps

I challenge myself to see what I can come up with from the scrap box. I pulled out a mix of pastel strips. The technique that I focus on here is actually a way to create new fabric “yardage” which can be used as is or can be used as fabric to create other products

Strips from the scrap box
Strips from the scrap box

and got to work. I purposely didn't look when I pulled them out of the pile, I was curious to see what a truly random piece would look like.


A very interesting result. A densely quilted piece of fabric.

The quilted fabric
The quilted result

A quilted piece of upcycled fabric which could be used to create a number of items. A zippered pouch, a tote bag or even a fabric bracelet. It could also be used for collars and cuffs of a shirt or a jacket.

Upcycled quilted fabric
Upcycled quilted fabric

It could also be matted and framed and used as an art piece.

Don't give up on creating when all you have is remnants, often they create the most interesting pieces.

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