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Crumb Quilted Pouches

Well I finally sat down and finished stitching the crumb quilted fabric pieces.

patchwork fabric made with fabric scraps in purples and pinks

At first I thought that I would have to use purple thread, the paler of these two

2 spools of sewing thread in dark and pale purple shades

To stitch a quilted grid over the patchwork pieces

spoolo f purple sewing thread held over fabric scraps in purples and pinks

and then when sorting fabrics and threads for my sunset art quilt I found a spool of fuschia thread.

spools of pink and purple threads

I ended up having enough patchwork fabric to create 4 pouches. So I cut them to size and quilted lines on 3 pairs of rectangles and grids on the last pair.

I always add tabs to my zippers and love when they look like this.

Tab on zipper of zippered pouch

A perfect crumb quilted pouch with a purple zipper - upcycled of course.

zippered pouch in purples and pinks unzipped lying on a table

They are wonderful gifts as pouches but can also serve as the "wrapping" for other gifts


2 zippered pouches in purple lying on a table

Its amazing what one can create with fabric scraps. Zippered pouches are perfect. I can never have too many of them

4 zippered pouches lying on a table



and the videos classes can be viewed here on my site after purchase

There is a 59 page pdf detailed download tutorial for the lined zipper pouch available here -

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