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I keep on having to have those chats with myself. It is a blessing and a curse to know how to create with many techniques.

My feed on pinterest is inundated with thousands of ideas and what I don't know how to do, after looking at the products for a short while I manage to work the technique out.

I don't enjoy creating all of the items and it shows in the end result.

What I enjoy doing the most is working with scraps. Giving them a new life. Creating techniques that simplify achieving appealing results.

After creating my 4 seasons wave landscape series I was yet again left with a pile of scraps. Smaller this time. Most of them were 1 - 2 inches in size, relatively uniform. Too large to create ScrapFabric and too small for leaders and enders and also too small

for my Mosaic technique. What to do? Create another technique of course!

It will be called My One Inch Magic Fabric Technique. The first one is Summer.

Summer fabric scraps
Summer fabric scraps

Tiny one inch fabric scraps

One inch pieces of fabric
One inch pieces

Choosing colors

Choosing colors
Choosing colors

This is very versatile it can be used as an art piece as is or as a background for a collage. No glue, no special machine feet or equipment.

Just you and your straight stitch sewing machine having fun creating.

One Inch Magic Fabric in Summer

One inch magic fabric
One Inch Magic Fabric

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