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The Four Seasons

After spending a few weeks on these pieces the series is completed.

This was a challenging project as I limited myself to using only what I could find in the scrap box. This box is made up of all the remnants that accumulate during the week. I put offcuts in there and the students put all their random pieces in there too.

I began by going to the scrap box and pulling out all the pieces that I could find in a division of the 4 seasons.

The first piece I did was Autumn. I randomly pulled pieces from the pile, laid them down and began to sew.

Autumn fabrics

The next was the Summer piece. I pulled out all the bright, sunny colors that I could find.

Summer fabrics

And after that Spring. Bright, but softer this time.

Spring fabrics

And lastly Winter. I chose the flat, darker, moody shades for this season.

Winter fabrics

I used all the colors of the rainbow. For each season, a different depth of color.

The colors

of our joys, sorrows,

longings and loves

flow through our lives

as the four seasons

flow through the years