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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Slow stitching in these uncertain dark times. We are in this together all around the globe. Some of us are still free to walk around, others are homebound for a certain period of time. How do we keep ourselves busy at home? We can read books, surf the internet, watch movies and we can also create using that pile of remnants that we have.

While working on a textile art project I sort my remnants into piles of circles and strips and put them aside for later use in boxes which have been sorted according to colors and I keep my scraps there.

Whenever I have some free time or am travelling and need to take a hand stitching project with me,I like to create on the go, I grab a plastic bottle full of fabric circles, miniature scissors, needle and thread and I am all set for making yoyos.

Adults and children alike can hand stitch yoyo bracelets or cuffs which can be worn as is or over a long sleeved shirt or a sweater.

The yoyos are stitched down onto an uypcycled fabric shirt cuff or any fabric base.

You can add buttons or embroidery stitches or even beads if you have some on hand. You can also create fabric beads to add to the cuff.

The finished fabric cuff made by some of the children in the summer sewing classes.

I like to group families of grey together. Many people say these colors are gloomy and dreary, I find them to be elegant and sophisticated. They can be blue greys or taupe greys even adding olive green to the taupe grey mixture or a bit of mustard yellow or tan.

For this cuff I only used yoyos of different colors and sizes and stitched them very close together on a cuff base. This piece can be used as is for a cuff by adding two strips for a tied closure or I could make another one and use them to embellish sweater cuffs.

Grey yoyo bracelet
Grey yoyo bracelet

Yoyos and buttons added sporadically to a charcoal grey sweater add a designer touch.

Embellished sweater
Embellished sweater

You can also make a handstitched dramatic bib necklace using yoyos and buttons.

OOAK Necklace
OOAK Necklace

Shells and glass on the evening seashores.

Here I used yoyos, buttons and fabric flowers that I have made, and created a floral embellished piece of art work in somber shades of blues, greys and golds.

All you need to create is some scrap fabric, scissors, needle and thread and you can be occupied for hours.

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